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    Lahing Kayumanggi N

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    Turning Points 8

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    e-Math 8

    Allows students to discover, learn and explore ma...

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    Math for Life 3

    Develops practical understanding and promotes app...

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    Kayamanan 5

    Pagkahubog bilang mamamayang Pilipino na Makatao, ...

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    Maturing In Jesus Christ Walking With Christ, The Way, The Truth, And The Life 8

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    Proficiency in English 8

    Help students function effectively in any situatio...

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  • book

    Komunikasyon 3

    Nililinang ang pag-aaral ng wikang Filipino nang b...

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Frequently Ask Questions

My child is using Rex books. Are there tools that can guide me to help him with his studies?

Good news! has an array of tools that you can download to aid him in his studies for FREE. Upon membership, you may download audio files, ready-to-print activity sheets, graphic organizers, and visual presentations.

Can non-users of Rex Book Store Inc.’s (RBSI) Total Learning Package book titles and series be a member?

Yes. Membership in does not necessarily mean that you must be a user of RBSI's Total Learning Package book titles and series. By simply registering in our website, you automatically become a member. However, there are certain features of the website that only members who are users of RBSI's Total Learning Package book titles and series can fully access. Downloading of educational materials from the website is one of the privileges of said members.

I do not have an email address. Does provide email address?

Unfortunately, does not provide email accounts. But we provide a variety of online companions (isn't great?). To get your own email address, create an email account for FREE in,, or

What is a School Code? How can I get one?

Good news! has an array of tools that you can download to aid him in his studies for FREE. Upon membership, you may download audio files, ready-to-print activity sheets, graphic organizers, and visual presentations.

Our school only adopted Rex Book Store Inc. (RBSI) books in two subject areas. Can we still access the available teaching and study tools in other subject areas?

Yes, you still have access to all study and teaching tools available in the Online Companions but on a limited scheme only. You can explore on the different kinds of online tools found in

How do I register?

Signing up with is as fast and as easy as 1-2-3. On the main page, click the Sign Up for a New Account button. Simply fill in the required information. An email will be sent to the email you used to register with us for you to validate your membership with After validation, you may start enjoying the benefits of being a member of

Is the membership for free?

Absolutely! No money or its equivalent is required to be a member of You must simply complete the registration process and start reaping the benefits of being our member.

What are the available tools that can be accessed in

There are a lot of FREE downloadable learning materials that can be accessed at Available tools include Mp3 files of poems, songs, short stories, narratives, sounds, and pronunciations, Ready-to-Print Activity Sheets and Graphic Organizers, Visual Presentations, and Web Quest Projects. Audio Companions of elementary and high school English and Filipino books as well as selected Christian Living and MAKABAYAN titles are available. Visual presentations, either presented in PowerPoint or Flash formats or as electronic books, can also be downloaded. For a performance-based project, members may access a Web Quest Project. It is a four-part PowerPoint presentation designed for collaborative teaching and learning. Downloading of selected materials, however, depends on the nature of your membership. Full access to most materials is granted to members whose school use book titles or series from Rex Total Learning Package (TLP). Fortunately, members who are not affiliated with the Rex TLP scheme can gain access to samplers of each available tool.

How can the school avail of Rex Total Learning Package (TLP)? What does it have to do with

Once the school adopted titles or series included in the line-up of Rex TLP, teachers and learners can get FREE copies of interactive materials and FREE ACCESS to different online companions at Some titles have accompanying journals or magazines circulated for a certain number per school year.

Our school adopted all Rex Book Store Inc. (RBSI) books in all subject areas, both elementary and high school levels, Do I have access to all available online tools in

Congratulations! Since you have adopted all Rex Book Store Inc. (RBSI) books, your school has full access to the Online Companions.

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