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ABOUT REX iNTERACTIVE is an online portal for teachers, students, parents, and school administrators. It provides various educational tools specifically designed and conceptualized for a convenient and innovative learning experience.

The educational tools that can be accessed and downloaded from the website include Audio Companions, Ready-to-Print Activity Sheets and Graphic Organizers, Visual Presentations, and Web Quest Projects. It also features thousands of ready-made quizzes that learners may use as review materials before any major exam.

Believing in a holistic education, not only provides teachers and school administrators tools for teaching, but also enables them to monitor a student's progress. also provides the same opportunities to parents through the Parents' Space section, as student members are given access to some of these materials through the Student's Space section. Furthermore, also features relevant articles and news on trends and issues about education. Members can also post their suggestions, express their thoughts, and encourage lively discussions in blogs and forums within the website.

As one of the online arms of Rex Book Store Inc. (RBSI), a visionary company known for publishing educational and legal materials since the 1950s, was initiated to provide online supplementary materials to basic education titles with an end goal of a Total Learning Package (TLP).

The Total Learning Package (TLP) is a learning program designed by RBSI to cater to the needs of today's learners.

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